Laughing it off :)

Negativity plays a major role on the things I fail to accomplish, which is why I try to find the positive on every situation. When things don’t go my way I remind my self that there has to be a reason for it, or I realize that I did not work hard enough for it and therefore I did not deserve it in the first place. Over time I have come to the realization that no matter what I can learn to love the things that are meant to be, not the things that I think should be. I am happily married, work full time, and have a lovely four-legged daughter. Because of her breed, she was branded a bully dog ..and this is a touchy subject for me so moving right along.

I am told I am mature for my age. I am not quite interested in “partying” but I do like to drink. Not big on smokers. I curse a little more then I am proud of. I am super sarcastic. I have an innocent yet perversive mind. I have the ability to turn on “work mode” and smile all the time at work, but other wise I have a “resting bitch face.” Pretty much all of my close friends admit that they thought I was a total bitch at first glance.

Regardless of my RBF, I am actually always trying to find a reason to laugh, sometimes I laugh too hard at things that aren’t really that funny and need explaining for the things everyone else finds funny. I am pretty sure this is because a) I really needed to laugh and release some of the negativity I had from the day and b) because I was not paying enough attention to your joke 🙂 SUE ME!

Love: God, family (includes husband, parents, siblings and daughter), food, dancing, tattoos, guns..

I have strange taste, it is kind of all over the place. For example, here is my taste in movies in order as I can think of them: Fight Club, The Notebook, Pitch Perfect, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Thor, Lord of the Rings, Spider-man (the two last ones), Star Wars, (I CAN’T WAIT FOR:) Suicide Squad, Pulp Fiction, Transformers.

I thank God every time I get a chance to for everything he blesses me with, and when troubled I find peace and complete comfort in prayer.

A few things I am still working on:

  • I have a hard time getting over things others do to me
  • I forgive but do not forget
  • I try not to get mad, but I still get mad and then I get even
  • Anything you can do I try to do better
  • I have trust issues
  • I am self-sufficient (a little more then I should be)
  • I am almost never satisfied with my “accomplishments”

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